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happy holidays!

we had a lovely holiday shindig with our friends the other day; we had a plethora of baked goods, and watched "elf". this season i've been a bit "holiday-happy" and crafting, baking, decorating up a storm. after having popcorn and laughing the night away we went to go show our friends our neighbors insanely lit up house... it was amazing. we were all very amused.


this makes me smile:


paris in the fall.

two years ago my significant other and i took a wonderful trip together to 
paris, that is the video included below... however, this year i went by 
myself (sad-face). i still had a beautiful time, and enjoyed the sites, but 
paris isn't the same when your other half is missing. the upside is, i got 
more photography done then i would have otherwise. i tend to go every 
year just to keep my sanity. traveling is a must for me every three-five 
months, without it i might just implode. i have such a lust for life and 
desire to explore new places...

postcards+love® 2007-2009.


divorce italian style.

the main actor, marcello mastroianni, wearing classic persol sunglasses.

for my 23rd birthday i wanted show my friends my favorite movie of all time, divorce italian style. what better way to honor this film than renting out an old movie theater, getting dolled up, and doing a private screening? we rented out the ken theater in the kensington neighborhood of san diego, ca. they were kind enough to put a little salutation on the marquee just for me, which made my night. we went out for dinner at a restaurant connected to the north park theater, now called west coast tavern. there we dined on some amazing dishes among vintage movie posters and dark burgundy surroundings. i chose to wear a light pink sweater from j.crew, along with an ivory dress and vintage millinery flowers i picked up off of ebay. here are a few snapshots of the night:

photo by my friend cara.

more photos after the jump...


i love jcrew, but...

i feel extremely lied to. and, this happens in most cases, any catalog or advertisement you see. false advertising. example, i recieve an e-mail from jcrew stating: NEW ARRIVALS! with the below photograph:

this, looks so enticing, and summery. i look at those flowers and say, "oo. i want those flowers!" (yes, because when it comes to shopping, women's I.Q.'s drop to that of a three year old.)  i scurry onto their website to view this NEW, and seems very promising collection - ONLY TO FIND - that very same photograph, BUT, with small text saying: "we just had to use these vintage flowers, we couldn't help ourselves, but they are not for sale." WHAT A TEASE! fortunately, for those of you who are extremely bent on sporting vintage czech flowers, we have ebay. and, if you want the BRAND NEW jcrew line, again, you have ebay - where you can buy those $300.00 shoes for a mere $15.00.

moral of the story?

ebay wins at the game of life.


ribbon obsession.

i found this beautiful necklace for for under $7.00 at forever 21... i've been becoming more and more addicted to ribbons, especially in jewelry. business is going pretty well even though i'm slowing things down in my etsy shop, i've been supplying more boutiques with my items. i'm going to start working on new products to unveil at the renegade craft fair in los angeles on july 11th-12th. be sure to mark your calendars, it will be a fabulous shopping event. i'm working on extending my inventory into housewares, and eventually clothing.

oh, and the blog i've been eyeing the most this week:



i've been on a gingham kick lately. i've been using it in designs; and i can't shake this craving to want to throw a massive picnic when it gets warmer. with the all too familiar red and white checkered pattern. i've had my eye on a particular dress by michael kors - but it's about three thousand dollars (hardy-har-har-har, not happening any-time soon). so, i opted for the cheap yet chic option of - DIY. i scored all the fabric i needed for sixty pesos (i was in mexico, so that us approx. $5.00 american). hopefully, come summer time, i'll have my picnic... i hope i don't get confused for a table cloth.



i'm pretty much obsessed with quails. they are my favorite bird. it's not only because they're adorable (especially button quail), but also because of the little sounds they make. for class i had to recreate an art deco travel poster, set in modern times. i decided to do a quail (that just so happens to be the california state bird), wearing bling. because these days that's really all you see in southern california, sunshine and bling. i had to write a ten page paper to go along with the poster, and i'm happy to say thats done, and over with (aced the class, hooray). seth and i call the quail henry. the name just seems to fit him. so, say hello to henry: 

vintage travel poster ; available on etsy.


spring showers.

self portrait | march 21st 2009

well, i've been having an amazing month so far.
i was published in riviera luxury magazine (san diego edition), you can view the digital file here, i am on page 24. i am being featured for my illustrations and jewelry. it's on sale through may. i was also fortunate enough to be sponsored by my school to enter the San Diego Ad-Club's Creative Show (which only happens once a year) - and i won a gold "Addy"! (it's like winning a miniature oscar of the san diego graphic design/advertising community). to view more click here. this means i'm going on to the national competition! wish me luck.

my vacation starts next week, and i am very excited. i am road-tripping with my significant other to the alameda flea market in san francisco so i can pick up an assortment of trinkets. he's a big geek so he's hoping to find some vintage board games. im prepared to drag home a car packed to the brim.


these days.

angel song necklace; by missrubysue

this is margot tennenbaum; by caitlin shearer

vintage celery green purse; by allen company inc


dressing on a budget #001

check drawstring shirt dress, topshop: $70.00
bobble detail scarf, topshop: $30.00
mabel rosette point show, topshop: $50.00
tarrytown metallic nikolette clutch, kate spade: $56.00
(original price $225.00)
ashley skinny jean, forever 21: $27.00



quick apology, i've been really neglecting this blog due to two reasons:
1) midterms
2)catching the flu before midterms, hence knocking me out and rendering me helpless.
i'm doing ten percent better, which is a plus. and am now on medication (let's cross our fingers).
the flu is no fun. but you know what is? cupcakes.

i found this delightful things at crumbs and doiles, in the u.k.

cupcakes from crumbs and doilies

cupcakes from crumbs and doilies

"das kleine stubchen" by ludwig hohlwein, art deco


obsession of the day:

this lovely dress from victoria's secret (oh, really ? i couldn't believe it myself).


goodbye; domino.

this is very-very sad news. first, my favorite magazine(ever) blueprint goes under, and now, domino. i am hoping they keep up their blog as blueprint did (bluelines, but they stopped a couple of months back, sigh). i will miss getting this magazine, and the inspiration it provided me for the last couple of years. fortunately i have stumbled upon so many blogs that offer me daily inspiration lately, that i know it will make up for my magazine void.

zoey deschanel, my favorite actress, cover model for the final issue of domino.

but, in less depressing news: french connection has some lovely items on sale. there were a couple of items i restrained from purchasing for myself for christmas, and now - well, $168.00 dress dropped to $39.99. etc. i found a necklace i couldn't live without too. 

dress at french connection; view here.

necklace at french connection; view here.