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goodbye; domino.

this is very-very sad news. first, my favorite magazine(ever) blueprint goes under, and now, domino. i am hoping they keep up their blog as blueprint did (bluelines, but they stopped a couple of months back, sigh). i will miss getting this magazine, and the inspiration it provided me for the last couple of years. fortunately i have stumbled upon so many blogs that offer me daily inspiration lately, that i know it will make up for my magazine void.

zoey deschanel, my favorite actress, cover model for the final issue of domino.

but, in less depressing news: french connection has some lovely items on sale. there were a couple of items i restrained from purchasing for myself for christmas, and now - well, $168.00 dress dropped to $39.99. etc. i found a necklace i couldn't live without too. 

dress at french connection; view here.

necklace at french connection; view here.


little italy.

this lady bug likes to hang out on my front lawn, especially after it rains.

today i went on a excursion to my favorite places in little italy, a small neighborhood slightly north of downtown san diego. an amazing amount of boutiques and art galleries reside here; i have to say, there is a handful of shops i wish i could spend all of my time and money in. their products are a source of inspiration.

2401 kettner blvd. san diego ca 92101
here you can find an array of skeleton keys, chandeliers, doorknobs, all sorts of period building materials. i love going in there and sifting through all of the keys, playing with the in-house cat, and looking at the assortment of chandelier crystals sitting in an antique bathtub. their selection if unparalleled - so next time you think about going to anthropolige to find that "antique" door-nob, please think twice.

chandelier at architectural salvage.

antiques on kettner
2400 kettner blvd. suite 106, san diego ca 92101
for retro to victorian, antique jewelry galore - and furniture, well, they had to buy the place next door (opening soon) just to fit all of the furniture. antique on kettner get new stock in everyday. many of their displays are color coordinated, a green isle, a blue isle, a pink isle (my favorite). others, are just jam packed with beautiful jewelry, mostly costume. the selection they have of ceramic figurines is also wonderful. i joked with the owner that i wish i could just take the whole store with me.

vintage toy display at antiques on kettner.

1907 columbia st. number one, san diego ca 92101
hidden of the main streets of little italy, it this small house, with a lovely window display (always seasonal and enticing). the only reason you would know to walk in is the obvious shop sign. welcome to india ink, a boutique paper shop, in my opinion the best in san diego. as soon as you walk in, the ribbons are to your left, as colorful and playful as can be. you walk up a pair of small steps just to find dozens of stamps, books, envelopes, notecards, anything a paper aficionado could ever desire. they also have a great selection of clutches, kate spade accessories, children's products, the list goes on - you wouldn't think it would all fit in such a small shop. regardless of the size, the entire place is organized to perfection, and every corner draws your eye. they also do personalized invitations, and work with the best letterpress companies in the country.

the ribbon collection at india ink papers.


ode to poe.

two weeks ago, i was doing my regular post office visit - and there, standing in line, i glanced at "upcoming stamps"; who knew i would get so excited about a stamp. i jumped up and down inside as soon as my eyes caught "january 2009, edgar allan poe". faint. the illustration is done by carl t. herrman, and the graphic design on the special edition booklet - splendid. these stamps are to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of edgar allan poe. i jokingly told seth (my significant other) that as soon as the stamps hit the shelf on the 16th of january i would buy out the entire collection. of course this would yield me bankrupt, but alas, i would never run out of poe stamps!

edgar allan poe commemorative stamp, available at USPS

also available, booklet with illustrations, poem, and stamps
(look at that spot varnish on the black damask, drool.)

and of course, my own rendition; available on etsy (large poster).


who isn't a sucker for cashmere?
(that's a rhetorical question.)

i was browsing through j.crew (which i tend to do often while checking my e-mail), and i planned out this outfit, with cute tights, and metallic shoes to match the pink of the necklace. and, i'm thinking of making myself the necklace, having my mother help me make the dress - but the sweater, their sweaters are divine. that - i must have.

j.crew cashmere sweater

silk taffeta halter sangle' dress



the sub-culture, the fascination. "polaroid is no longer making film", the masses weep. the price soars. film is oh-so expensive, or, non-existent for certain cameras. mine, unfortunately, being one of them. when the murder was first announced i jumped on the "buy out all film possible" band-wagon and purchased and insane amount of film on ebay. and hoarding it like gold it has been stashed in my camera closet. waiting for the day it will used as a creative means. so here, i was sitting. contemplating - spending the gold. i've seen a trend in people having one of their new year's resolutions be "a photo a day", or things of that nature. i don't want to go that far - but, a polaroid a week or so sounds good to me. it will be a sad day, when i turn to seth many years from now at a cafe, and mention the polaroid, a teenager will glance and ask, "what's that?". and we will shake our heads, remembering the 8- track, beta, tape, laser-disk, floppy, and instant film years (and by then, CD's will be obsolete too).

self portrait.

there might be hope though, as gizmodo reports; click here.

the joy of handmade.

so it's been over a year since i was first introduced to etsy; and now it has become nothing but a part of my daily routine. an addiction i'm proud to flaunt, as well as tempt people to indulge in. i have found myself being swayed to a more feminine side since picking up the "hand-made" culture. the funny thing is, whenever i do sell an item, i usually end up putting my money back into etsy, supporting fellow sellers (with such temptation, cute objects and such, who can resist).

my current obsessions are as follows:

limoncello, original painting by caitlin shearer

hedgehog brooch by kate broughton

white as snow dress by sarah seven

young trees wall decals by subhuti designs

wear it as you like brown scarf by homelab

hopefully i will acquire this items eventually, but for now they are prominent on my wish-list. the tree decals i will be buying sooner than later, being they are needed to complete my "shoe closet project". 

first off;

seeing i tend to read blogs more than i drink water, i thought it was time to sit down and create one of my own. something a bit more "grown up" than your typical live (or dead) journal. i am a creative individual, and thrive off others art as well, and would like to share those inspirations, as well as my own creations with the rest of the world. this, is where this particular blog comes in. a collection, an outlet, in person - i am a pack rat - and on my desktop as well. parading through the world wide web one tends to stumble upon excess amounts of information.

here, you will find all the more saturation for your cerebrum.

my mother at disneyland back when they had hover cars.