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who isn't a sucker for cashmere?
(that's a rhetorical question.)

i was browsing through j.crew (which i tend to do often while checking my e-mail), and i planned out this outfit, with cute tights, and metallic shoes to match the pink of the necklace. and, i'm thinking of making myself the necklace, having my mother help me make the dress - but the sweater, their sweaters are divine. that - i must have.

j.crew cashmere sweater

silk taffeta halter sangle' dress


Lainey-Paney said...

I'm lovin' your fashion sense.
I like all of those too!
That neclace rocks.


postcardandlove said...

oh why thank you :D
doesn't it? i love jcrew but sometimes i hate them - for making so many things i like!

Leigh said...

I could totally see this outfit on you. Such great taste and what a beautiful necklace. I know you will make a fantastic rendition of it, I still just love my bracelet from you <3