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first off;

seeing i tend to read blogs more than i drink water, i thought it was time to sit down and create one of my own. something a bit more "grown up" than your typical live (or dead) journal. i am a creative individual, and thrive off others art as well, and would like to share those inspirations, as well as my own creations with the rest of the world. this, is where this particular blog comes in. a collection, an outlet, in person - i am a pack rat - and on my desktop as well. parading through the world wide web one tends to stumble upon excess amounts of information.

here, you will find all the more saturation for your cerebrum.

my mother at disneyland back when they had hover cars.


Leigh said...

I am so excited you are here!!! YAY, I am having so much more fun in the blog land.
I love you and cannot wait to watch you blog grow. To so much awesomeness in 2009!!

LOVE xoxo

PS I love that photo of your Mom!!

Leigh said...

I want to be a follower of yours of course, but how how do I do that without the follower link??

Your retarded friend Leigh...LOL ;)

Lainey-Paney said...

don't you just LOVE old photos???

cnperez said...

Hooray for creative blog aficianados! I know nothing about fashion or jewelry, so I'm going to have to live vicariously through your blog. Haha. Make sure to check out my blog about theater, film, performance in San Diego (I do believe you joined my facebook group.). Yay!