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goodbye; domino.

this is very-very sad news. first, my favorite magazine(ever) blueprint goes under, and now, domino. i am hoping they keep up their blog as blueprint did (bluelines, but they stopped a couple of months back, sigh). i will miss getting this magazine, and the inspiration it provided me for the last couple of years. fortunately i have stumbled upon so many blogs that offer me daily inspiration lately, that i know it will make up for my magazine void.

zoey deschanel, my favorite actress, cover model for the final issue of domino.

but, in less depressing news: french connection has some lovely items on sale. there were a couple of items i restrained from purchasing for myself for christmas, and now - well, $168.00 dress dropped to $39.99. etc. i found a necklace i couldn't live without too. 

dress at french connection; view here.

necklace at french connection; view here.


Leigh said...

I am sad too:( but you ,make an amazing point about how we can find so much inspiration here in bloggland.. But that opens up all print issues with other magazines, I love the tangible in person and I hope we don't loose more.

And what amazing finds Q :))


RockHollywood said...

oh zooey. i am pudding at your feet. pudding i say!!

...sorry for the mess. :)