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the joy of handmade.

so it's been over a year since i was first introduced to etsy; and now it has become nothing but a part of my daily routine. an addiction i'm proud to flaunt, as well as tempt people to indulge in. i have found myself being swayed to a more feminine side since picking up the "hand-made" culture. the funny thing is, whenever i do sell an item, i usually end up putting my money back into etsy, supporting fellow sellers (with such temptation, cute objects and such, who can resist).

my current obsessions are as follows:

limoncello, original painting by caitlin shearer

hedgehog brooch by kate broughton

white as snow dress by sarah seven

young trees wall decals by subhuti designs

wear it as you like brown scarf by homelab

hopefully i will acquire this items eventually, but for now they are prominent on my wish-list. the tree decals i will be buying sooner than later, being they are needed to complete my "shoe closet project". 


Leigh said...

Such amazing taste.

And yes I am obsessed, Etsy is like a an extension to my body. LOL.