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ode to poe.

two weeks ago, i was doing my regular post office visit - and there, standing in line, i glanced at "upcoming stamps"; who knew i would get so excited about a stamp. i jumped up and down inside as soon as my eyes caught "january 2009, edgar allan poe". faint. the illustration is done by carl t. herrman, and the graphic design on the special edition booklet - splendid. these stamps are to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of edgar allan poe. i jokingly told seth (my significant other) that as soon as the stamps hit the shelf on the 16th of january i would buy out the entire collection. of course this would yield me bankrupt, but alas, i would never run out of poe stamps!

edgar allan poe commemorative stamp, available at USPS

also available, booklet with illustrations, poem, and stamps
(look at that spot varnish on the black damask, drool.)

and of course, my own rendition; available on etsy (large poster).


julie degni marr said...

I went looking for pretty spring stamps today . . . and ended up with Edgar! Loved your musings.

postcardandlove said...

why thank you <3
i simply adore those stamps,
i'm happy to know you're using them too :D