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the sub-culture, the fascination. "polaroid is no longer making film", the masses weep. the price soars. film is oh-so expensive, or, non-existent for certain cameras. mine, unfortunately, being one of them. when the murder was first announced i jumped on the "buy out all film possible" band-wagon and purchased and insane amount of film on ebay. and hoarding it like gold it has been stashed in my camera closet. waiting for the day it will used as a creative means. so here, i was sitting. contemplating - spending the gold. i've seen a trend in people having one of their new year's resolutions be "a photo a day", or things of that nature. i don't want to go that far - but, a polaroid a week or so sounds good to me. it will be a sad day, when i turn to seth many years from now at a cafe, and mention the polaroid, a teenager will glance and ask, "what's that?". and we will shake our heads, remembering the 8- track, beta, tape, laser-disk, floppy, and instant film years (and by then, CD's will be obsolete too).

self portrait.

there might be hope though, as gizmodo reports; click here.


Cara Martinez said...

I weep for the polaroid. They were so fun... have some of my best photos on them... need to find and scan.

RockHollywood said...

don't worry. i will be there to punch that dumb kid in the face. oh i'll be there... :)

Leigh said...

I know :( I have only two packages left eeek. I am scared to touch them. But such a wonderful idea, a once a week. I cannot wait!!!

Fabulous self portrait, they are to much fun beautiful:)