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quick apology, i've been really neglecting this blog due to two reasons:
1) midterms
2)catching the flu before midterms, hence knocking me out and rendering me helpless.
i'm doing ten percent better, which is a plus. and am now on medication (let's cross our fingers).
the flu is no fun. but you know what is? cupcakes.

i found this delightful things at crumbs and doiles, in the u.k.

cupcakes from crumbs and doilies

cupcakes from crumbs and doilies

"das kleine stubchen" by ludwig hohlwein, art deco


RockHollywood said...

i'd come to hang and cheer you up, but i don't want to catch the plague. :) feel better!

Leigh said...

Happy Valentines day Q.

Feel better sweetheart, I just got over that myself, its the worst.

All my Love