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i'm pretty much obsessed with quails. they are my favorite bird. it's not only because they're adorable (especially button quail), but also because of the little sounds they make. for class i had to recreate an art deco travel poster, set in modern times. i decided to do a quail (that just so happens to be the california state bird), wearing bling. because these days that's really all you see in southern california, sunshine and bling. i had to write a ten page paper to go along with the poster, and i'm happy to say thats done, and over with (aced the class, hooray). seth and i call the quail henry. the name just seems to fit him. so, say hello to henry: 

vintage travel poster ; available on etsy.


spring showers.

self portrait | march 21st 2009

well, i've been having an amazing month so far.
i was published in riviera luxury magazine (san diego edition), you can view the digital file here, i am on page 24. i am being featured for my illustrations and jewelry. it's on sale through may. i was also fortunate enough to be sponsored by my school to enter the San Diego Ad-Club's Creative Show (which only happens once a year) - and i won a gold "Addy"! (it's like winning a miniature oscar of the san diego graphic design/advertising community). to view more click here. this means i'm going on to the national competition! wish me luck.

my vacation starts next week, and i am very excited. i am road-tripping with my significant other to the alameda flea market in san francisco so i can pick up an assortment of trinkets. he's a big geek so he's hoping to find some vintage board games. im prepared to drag home a car packed to the brim.


these days.

angel song necklace; by missrubysue

this is margot tennenbaum; by caitlin shearer

vintage celery green purse; by allen company inc