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spring showers.

self portrait | march 21st 2009

well, i've been having an amazing month so far.
i was published in riviera luxury magazine (san diego edition), you can view the digital file here, i am on page 24. i am being featured for my illustrations and jewelry. it's on sale through may. i was also fortunate enough to be sponsored by my school to enter the San Diego Ad-Club's Creative Show (which only happens once a year) - and i won a gold "Addy"! (it's like winning a miniature oscar of the san diego graphic design/advertising community). to view more click here. this means i'm going on to the national competition! wish me luck.

my vacation starts next week, and i am very excited. i am road-tripping with my significant other to the alameda flea market in san francisco so i can pick up an assortment of trinkets. he's a big geek so he's hoping to find some vintage board games. im prepared to drag home a car packed to the brim.


Leigh said...

Congrats on the well deserved award and publication.. I am telling you this boutique in Paris doesn't seem so far fetched ;)

Have fun in San Francisco as well. I am FINally going to see that neat city this summer.

aquariansoul said...


i got the moss at mission trails its off mission gorge rd. close to santee. anywhere by the river you'll find moss!

lucky going up to sf. i miss that place. i never did go to alameda market. you should go to scrap if you've never been. its in potrero hill. big warehouse full of discarded things, donations from manufacturers, stuff for crafting! i miss it so. have fun!

Dallas Shaw said...

confetti! sounds like you are having a fabulous month!