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i love jcrew, but...

i feel extremely lied to. and, this happens in most cases, any catalog or advertisement you see. false advertising. example, i recieve an e-mail from jcrew stating: NEW ARRIVALS! with the below photograph:

this, looks so enticing, and summery. i look at those flowers and say, "oo. i want those flowers!" (yes, because when it comes to shopping, women's I.Q.'s drop to that of a three year old.)  i scurry onto their website to view this NEW, and seems very promising collection - ONLY TO FIND - that very same photograph, BUT, with small text saying: "we just had to use these vintage flowers, we couldn't help ourselves, but they are not for sale." WHAT A TEASE! fortunately, for those of you who are extremely bent on sporting vintage czech flowers, we have ebay. and, if you want the BRAND NEW jcrew line, again, you have ebay - where you can buy those $300.00 shoes for a mere $15.00.

moral of the story?

ebay wins at the game of life.


ribbon obsession.

i found this beautiful necklace for for under $7.00 at forever 21... i've been becoming more and more addicted to ribbons, especially in jewelry. business is going pretty well even though i'm slowing things down in my etsy shop, i've been supplying more boutiques with my items. i'm going to start working on new products to unveil at the renegade craft fair in los angeles on july 11th-12th. be sure to mark your calendars, it will be a fabulous shopping event. i'm working on extending my inventory into housewares, and eventually clothing.

oh, and the blog i've been eyeing the most this week: