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i love jcrew, but...

i feel extremely lied to. and, this happens in most cases, any catalog or advertisement you see. false advertising. example, i recieve an e-mail from jcrew stating: NEW ARRIVALS! with the below photograph:

this, looks so enticing, and summery. i look at those flowers and say, "oo. i want those flowers!" (yes, because when it comes to shopping, women's I.Q.'s drop to that of a three year old.)  i scurry onto their website to view this NEW, and seems very promising collection - ONLY TO FIND - that very same photograph, BUT, with small text saying: "we just had to use these vintage flowers, we couldn't help ourselves, but they are not for sale." WHAT A TEASE! fortunately, for those of you who are extremely bent on sporting vintage czech flowers, we have ebay. and, if you want the BRAND NEW jcrew line, again, you have ebay - where you can buy those $300.00 shoes for a mere $15.00.

moral of the story?

ebay wins at the game of life.


Rianna Bethany said...

Ha ha! i'd be so annoyed if i was you, false advertisement is a killer and us shopping fanatics fall for it every time!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx