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weather envy.

as of lately, i've been hearing nothing but jealousy from friends in all parts of the country... i live in san diego, and we have been so spoiled with spring weather; but, are you really that surprised? we're known for amazing weather year round. however, once you live here, sixty-degrees is "cold / freezing". just ask my x-midwestern boyfriend (grew up in wichita, ks.) - he thinks fifty is freezing, from someone who had to walk to school in ten and below. spring always seems to come early for so-cal inhabitants... and green grass and flowers always inspires me to stroll around our lovely city and soak up a sliver of sun.

1. kate spade "gumdrops stud"; 2. forever 21 "sunny afternoon dress"; 3. ysl "young sexy lovely" perfume; 4. a&f "erin skinny destroyed" denim; 5. urban outfitters "woven satchel"; 6. urban outfitters "d-orsay skimmer".

photographs by yvette inufio.

found via "the thinking tank".

self portrait by yours truly.

currently listening to camera obscura.