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don't forget your veggies.

so i have a knack for wanting to mix things together to see if they turn out ok or not... and last weekend i went to costco and bought a brand new, very shiny, pretty, and efficient juicer. i finally got around to testing it out yesterday and i've been enjoying my delicious concoction. i am not one for patience sometimes, so i needed something speedy... i finally found one that i did not find esthetically displeasing, and it is also very efficient (takes whole apples, and can juice many carrots as once), as well as fast. i love vegetables, but sometimes i find it very hard to get all of my servings in one day - without getting a veggie overdose. making juice is a great way to get your servings, quickly, and even on the go. so, here is a my made up recipe; try it out!


Servings: 5 - 6

3 apples (whole with skin, or cut in four to fit juicer)
2 cucumbers (whole with skin)
5 carrots
6 oranges (peeled)*
1 head of broccoli (not too small! eat your broccoli...)


then add to taste:
1 whole lime, hand squeezed
* if for some reason you want your juice to be a little sweeter, go ahead and add one more orange. remember not to overdo it with the oranges though, they are great for vitamin C, but they also contain the most sugar.