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hello my quant little hidden artist haven, our french barrettes off to kensington, located in san diego, california. kensington is home of one of the oldest running movie theaters in san diego, wonderful little hole in the wall restaurants, and charming craftsman houses. many of the area's residents love to ride their vintage bicycles to the nearest coffee shop.

built 1947

voted the best place to watch obscure movies, foreign and independent films, this theatre has been charming audiences for decades. there is no way to miss this historic landmark, located right next to the kensington sign this cinema gem is worth a visit. any film snob will tell you, if you want to really expand your horizons, take a seat. for features and show-times click here. (for my 23rd birthday we rented out the theater and played divorce italian style, it was pretty epic.)

photo by steven e. jones photography

so, film snobs, still aching for more? i assume you always will be. welcome to kensington video, your go to for any film. no joke. really. right next to the ken theatre, this video/dvd rental location has been serving the neighborhood for years, with over 20,000 films in stock you are most likely to find exactly what you're looking for. best of all, if you can't find it in the store, they will hunt it down for you!

i'm assuming you will eventually be a little hungry, what better place to go than the organic arch rival (well, maybe not quite) of in 'n out? the burger lounge has a wonderful selection of organic hamburgers, salads, and tasty malts. their menu is a bit limited, but the taste definitely is not.

sit back and enjoy the modern/mid-century decor and excellent service. here, they learn your name and aim to please. the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is casual yet classy. all their burgers come with a thousand island sauce, so be prepared to satisfy your palate.

looking for something a bit more upscale? something romantic and aimed for those with extremely impeccable taste? blue boheme is the definition of french gourmet cuisine. thrilling both to the sight and taste, this hip new location offers an authentic parisian atmosphere, mixing inventive interior design with a modern take on a wine cellar. their main chef, philippe beltran once again enchants us with his perfect blend of french cooking and cosmopolitan flair.