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mock logo by Q, not actual farmers market logo.

locavoresomeone who eats food grown or produced locally or within a certain radius such as 50, 100, or 150 miles (240 km)

i'm somewhat on the bandwagon for eating organic, or locally grown food. i get my eggs from my mothers chickens, and sometimes fruits and veggies from her garden. for the most part, i enjoy attending the multitude of farmers markets san diego has to offer. in our small yet flourishing city we pretty much have a farmers market going on everyday of the week (one even has llama rides!). my favorite part about attending is when i get to go to the "north park farmers market" - it's walking distance from my house, every thursday, and in my opinion it has the most decent prices than all the other farmers markets. it is pricey to embrace being a "locavore", but shopping around always helps. it's fun to see the different flowers as the seasons progress, or the latest catch the fishermen are selling; seth and i are addicted to the humus/pita stand - and i love buying a batch of passion fruit to make passion fruit juice. that's my local market, but each one is known for specific things, the "little italy farmers market" has amazing bakery and pastry stands, they also get a handful of cheese artisans. what i love about attending this market is watching people walk their dogs, there are so many, all over the place! another fun fact about eating locally - if you consume honey produced from local bees, it helps with your allergies - hence the little bee in my illustration above. it really is wonderful the difference eating locally makes.

if you're interested in more - watch food inc.
it's a great film, and very informative. as consumers we have the power to say what is at our local super markets, and in our food. watch the trailer below: