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farm egg chorizo casserole.

well, i've never made a casserole before. or, at least never called it that... my significant other is from the midwest, and all i hear is how wonderful those homemade casseroles were, and oh how he misses them... so today i decided to throw one together (literally) so he can start saying to his friends how wonderful casseroles are in california - especially ones laced with a mexican touch (authentic!). my grandmother / mom gave me some eggs from her chickens yesterday, so i used super fresh happy eggs in my recipe. i recommend you try to get your hand on some, or at least brown eggs. a casserole is a mixture, there is no right or wrong to the quantities you add, i will suggest quantities below, but feel free to mess around with it!

image from, not of actual recipe.

- 1/4 onion, diced / chopped up
- 2 small tomatoes, diced / chopped up
- 2 -3 cups of baby spinach ripped up
- 4 or 5 fresh farm eggs, scrambled together
- 2 cups of egg substitute (not egg whites)
- 1/2 cacique ranchero or panela cheese chopped up
   (ranchero for stronger taste, panela for subtle)
- pork or beef chorizo (your preference, cacique also makes this item)
- three small corn tortillas, cut into strips.

- fresh cilantro, sage, ground pepper, and sea salt to taste

- set aside 1/3 of the cheese you diced
- set aside 1/3 of the tortilla strips
- spray casserole dish with olive oil
- mix all other ingredients together
- make sure chorizo has mixed well
- place in casserole, and top it with the 1/3 cheese and tortilla strips
- cook in oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes

- mexican sour cream to finished dish
- beans (black or pinto) as a side
- wash it down with some home-made limeade!
  (limeade = fresh squeezed limes, ice cold water, splenda/stevia to taste)


the non-cake birthday "cake".

seth hates cake. this, is a problem - once a year when i really want to give him a birthday cake. he hates the fluffy consistency. so,  i decided i was going to create a hybrid "cake" which is a thick crust, lemon bar filling, and creamy cheesecake on-top. the process was interesting; browsing through recipes, picking what i thought would work together, between cooking, and putting in the fridge... i wasn't sure i'd be able to pull it off...  here is the end result:

a delicious little invention, with some robot love!


new items!

i was a busy bee last week and made some new items which are now posted at my etsy shop. i also went ahead and listed some darling vintage finds...


rain boot alternative.

rain boots are not my thing, and for light showers and not insanely cold weather - i opted for these adorable rubber flats from jcrew. they are more comfortable than they appear, and fit true to size. they come in multiple colors and look adorable with any outfit. thank you once again jcrew for making a "need" item. i purchased them in black, of course.