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farm egg chorizo casserole.

well, i've never made a casserole before. or, at least never called it that... my significant other is from the midwest, and all i hear is how wonderful those homemade casseroles were, and oh how he misses them... so today i decided to throw one together (literally) so he can start saying to his friends how wonderful casseroles are in california - especially ones laced with a mexican touch (authentic!). my grandmother / mom gave me some eggs from her chickens yesterday, so i used super fresh happy eggs in my recipe. i recommend you try to get your hand on some, or at least brown eggs. a casserole is a mixture, there is no right or wrong to the quantities you add, i will suggest quantities below, but feel free to mess around with it!

image from, not of actual recipe.

- 1/4 onion, diced / chopped up
- 2 small tomatoes, diced / chopped up
- 2 -3 cups of baby spinach ripped up
- 4 or 5 fresh farm eggs, scrambled together
- 2 cups of egg substitute (not egg whites)
- 1/2 cacique ranchero or panela cheese chopped up
   (ranchero for stronger taste, panela for subtle)
- pork or beef chorizo (your preference, cacique also makes this item)
- three small corn tortillas, cut into strips.

- fresh cilantro, sage, ground pepper, and sea salt to taste

- set aside 1/3 of the cheese you diced
- set aside 1/3 of the tortilla strips
- spray casserole dish with olive oil
- mix all other ingredients together
- make sure chorizo has mixed well
- place in casserole, and top it with the 1/3 cheese and tortilla strips
- cook in oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes

- mexican sour cream to finished dish
- beans (black or pinto) as a side
- wash it down with some home-made limeade!
  (limeade = fresh squeezed limes, ice cold water, splenda/stevia to taste)


kelley blake said...

This looks delicious! I found your blog through A Cup of Jo's blog and I must say, your blog is divine! I just started blogging myself!

I also love your etsy shop! I will definitely be purchasing something in the near future! Best of luck to you and I hope you have a chance to stop by my blog as well! :)