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caitlin shearer.

caitlin shearer always makes me long to be more feminine, dress up more, and embrace vintage. i adore her watercolor / gauche / mixed media illustrations and am always visiting her flickr for new updates on her artwork. her style has only become stronger over the years, adding more depth and surroundings to each character. i feel as though every one of her illustrations could tell you a story, a secret, or something you long to hear...

illustrations by cailtlin shearer

kathleen hoelck.

fashion designer kathleen hoelck

when i first met kathleen hoelck (or katty), she stood out immediately. her creativity and kindness are contagious. she's definitely on the top ten of the most intelligent and driven women i know. she's always ready for adventures, and pursing projects, "hey katty want to act in my film?", "hey katty, want to model for my jewelry line?"... "of course!" she's always up for assisting those who have a passion for art. i was saddened when she took flight and left san diego, but so excited for the life ahead for her in new york city. katty has been designing clothing since i first met her. her style has evolved, yet she remains versatile. her designs are classic, modern, bold, sometimes channeling vintage starlets, other times straight out of bauhaus. i'm very excited to see her break into the fashion world, as she's already received recognition from vogue, appeared in several blog sites, and interned at yves saint laurent. she and her significant other have plans to start their own line of clothing; don't be surprised if you find yourself yearning after their fantastic creations.

all images copyright of kathleen hoelck©


singing in the rain.

1. cesare paciotti jelly ballerina $113.00; 2. hunter original gloss short $105.00; 
3. kate spade obi $65.00


not the shoes, but cosmetics. i'm a sucker for excellent packaging - i do judge books by their covers, and products by their exterior sometimes. i mean, i can't help it - as an overall designer it's embedded into my brain to stay away from bad design and cling onto lovely packaging. boots (the original formula), however, has the best of both - not only goes it look dainty and straight out of a vintage catalog... but it's also a wonderful product. it's inexpensive (available at target), so if you're looking to pamper yourself on a budget it's the perfect solution.



i've heard nothing but amazing things about this delightful restaurant in greenwich village. it's in my favorite part of new york city, has white and pink as the main colors of the interior, macarons, tea, oh my! i'm planning a visit to new york before this year is out, and a visit to sweetiepie is definitely on the must list. it looks like something straight out of a fairy-tale. i'll just be excited to see my dear friend, fashion designer kathleen hoelck, and chit-chat over tea.


the neutral statement.

tunic from topshop, necklace and earrings from anthropologie,
purse from jcrew, sandals from dolce vita, and pants from abercrombie and fitch.

i heart steak.

and so does sweet meats! i had the privilege of meeting the founder of sweet meats, lauren venell, at last years renegade craft fair in los angeles. she was super sweet, and entirely enthusiastic about her meats. my significant other almost had a heart attack out of excitement when handling the bacon pillow. i love that coming from a family of butcher's, she decided to take her meats to a softer side; making all of her meats from recycled materials.

faryl robin.

so, as you will come to find out about me - i am a shoe addict. plain and simple. i love shoes; and for the last two years i've been eyeing a pair of faryl robin's - and amazingly, they were still there, on sale at a price i couldn't deny. i decided to do some more research about the brand. their branding is lovely, from little robins on their box, as well as the paper your shoes come wrapped in. i love that their sizes are true to size, and comfortable. the most important key is the lovely colors, leathers, and designs they carry. they are a bit on the pricey side, so if you can score some like i did (at 60% off) - don't hesitate!
my new shoes! perfect for spring / summer.

styles available at faryl robin, zappos, and amazon.


all saints clothing.

whenever i hop over the atlantic ocean to britain i make several stops at all saints clothing. their grungy yet elegant mixture always appeals to me. their cuts are entirely flattering, and unique. their line of dresses emulates vivienne westwood's anglomania, but at a much lesser price. their colors are very neutral, and make me want to layer most of their pieces, or add on some loud jewelry. the good news is they finally have a u.s. site up and running, no more having to convert to pounds and then pay insane amounts for shipping. hooray!

andrew bannecker.

i have a passion for illustration, and can appreciate wonderful art when i see it - andrew bannecker is such a great inspiration. his style is more defined than a dictionary term and the colors are exuberant and captivating. here is one of my favorite pieces he's created:


kate towers.

i have been utterly obsessed with kate tower's whimsical designs for a little over two years now. i hope that someday i'll be able to make it out to portland oregon and have her design me something i'll never want to take off. or i'll raid seaplane for all of her lovely frocks. ruffles upon ruffles, colors i obsess over, it seems she reads my minds every-time.

south park.

hidden from the main streets, and haven to hip college students, and shop owners who love what they do, south park in san diego, california, is a great choice for enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon (which, we get so many of here). if you're looking to sit and enjoy some tea or coffee, find the perfect gift for that special someone, or get pampered, this quaint little neighborhood has it all; and everything is within walking distance. i say this because, well, i used to live there, and now i work at a little boutique there, and i just love being a part of the community.


lulu's is by far the best nail salon in all of san diego, providing an enchanting atmosphere as well as attention to detail. nestles in a small corner shop, the service is very personal, and altered to fit your every need. from entering through the door, the beautiful decor catches your eye, as you are greeted with an offer for any beverage of your choice. they offer pedicures, and manicures, and usually have fun specials ever month or so that you wont want to miss. for example, in the fall they had the pumpkin pie pedicure, and in the spring the ice cream pedicure. each service includes a wonderful massage. be sure to book in advance, as only five seats are available at a time, and every service lasts around an hour.


maeve riley is one of the most lovely boutiques in san diego. i love to frequent it because it's entirely centered around local designers. it's wonderful seeing a boutique support creative individuals in san diego in such a way. the interior is wonderful, from the dainty chandeliers, to the forest wallpaper, and wooden deer heads - damask curtains. the boutique is entirely well pulled together, and also offers great threads for men. the prices are great as well, with steals on the sale rack. i'm also very proud to feature some of my jewelry pieces at this shop! so if you're in south park, be sure to swing by and say hello. all the lovely ladies at the shop are super friendly. 


since its opening a few years ago, the eclectic restaurant has had a loyal fan base. offering an atmosphere resmbeling an escape to the mediterranean, vagabond kitchen is exotic, rustic, and delicious. almost exactly on the corner of 30th and juniper (in the heart of all the artistic shops in south park), it's location makes it a must stop for lunch or dinner.

image by amos smith

their menu is filled with meals from around the world. for a unique and dazzling dining experience park your bike right up front and stroll on in. they also have brunch on the weekends, and their lavender mimosa screams springtime.


this ice cream parlor always offers an array of flavors in both cream, and sorbet variations. from belgian chocolate ice cream, to passion fruit or champagne sorbet, and soft red velvet cupcakes, you can't help but indulge. some flavors are classics, others change constantly, so once you visit you'll most likely be checking back for more. the daily scoop does not currently have a website, but you can visit them at the corner of juniper street and 30th street.


the local neighborhood bar, opens at 9:00PM, and there is never any cover charge (unless otherwise noted). home of local djs, as well as knitting events, and sunday movies, the whistle stop is the choice for the after hour mingling of many college students and scenesters. colorful, and embedded with the community, you might just have to drop in. for a list of special events visit their site. my favorite is when they have craft events!

when you're craving a pretty decent espresso, or delicious pastry, or tasty quiche... rebecca's is the perfect place to sit down, snuggle into the sofa, sip your beverage, and play with the in house cat. offering an extensive menu of beverages, as well as sandwiches and salads, this coffeehouse is cozy, and open twenty-four hours a day on the weekends. with free wi-fi, it's no wonder people can sit in there for hours. every thursday there is open mic night, and sundays they offer poetry, fiction, and alternate verse. art and culture is abundant in every corner, everyone and anyone can feel at home.


formerly known as "magpie", this boutique is now under new ownership and better than ever. junc is a boutique and art gallery that offers new, vintage, and recycled fashions for those individuals who love to stand out. this shop is just across the street from the whistle stop. the fashion is unique, and reasonably priced for a boutique (in fashion terms, one of a kind, locally designed items). they usually have art shows once a month, and support local artists. if you're looking for fun vintage accessories, or eye catching dress, take a peek inside.


the exterior and interior design for station tavern is fantastic. very modern and self efficient - this place is also known for having an excellent assortment of beers on tap. their tater tots and cheeseburgers are a neighborhood favorite. owned by the same people who run the whistle stop, the train theme is carried throughout the location. this restaurant also has a very kid-friendly area outdoors, with a little trolly car to keep them entertained while you chow down on your main dish. laced with a bit of cajun flavor, their burgers are on the must list for locals, and visitors alike.


one of the most passionate, and best designed bike shops in san diego - hands down - is velo cult. this bike shop loves attention to detail, from carrying brooks saddles, to hammered fenders, you can customize your bike to your liking while getting great customer service. velo cult is very tied with the community, as they host tweed rides, barbecues, and movie showings at their venue. check out their blog for some lovely photos of all the customized bikes they've created. if you're on of those fixie fanatics, you'll probably pass out from excitement, or stroke your mustache in an attempt to remain calm.

fabric flowers.

i absolutely adore fabric flowers, wether they be vintage or new! emersonmade has been a smash hit across the blogging community, and her adorable designs and lovely blog are beyond enchanting. she's a true entrepreneur who makes something beautiful and shares it with the rest of the world. i first started longing for more flowers in my life after i saw the jcrew catalog image for last spring's line... and went on a mission to acquire my own. since then, i've made a headband, collected vintage european millinery flowers, and dabbled in sewing up my own armanda of roses. for those of you who are as determined as i to nab your own, without breaking the bank; i recommend these tutorials: 1000 layer cake, and martha stewart. for my headband below, i purchased a american apparel shiny headband for $4.50, and sewed on my flowers.

emersonmade's lovely founder on a bed of fabric flowers.

my successful attempt at a fabric dahlia headband.

hat attack.

it's just about summer time - and our lovely sun is beaming down excessive amounts of uv rays. i suppose it would be nice to assist my sunblock with a hat. or two... for the "frugalistas" target released some lovely fedoras designed by Eugenia Kim. i love the one with the little parrot!

found via oh joy.


nature + the apple ipad.

so aesthetically speaking, at first glimpse i did not like the apple ipad. i'm sick of the huge black bezel surrounding all new apple products. personally, i feel that black accents on computers is a step back into the 90's. however, i can appreciate the amazing power and performance that the ipad offers. when people complain "it doesn't have a camera... it can't multitask," i feel they are missing the point. apple has finally given it's audience a portable reader that will devour the kindle and nook. a gaming system and movie player that makes me croon... you should have seen the portable dvd player i lugged around in 2001! well, all that being said; a must for my future ipad is a wood cover. vers is in offers a wood ipad cover made out of bamboo - if they have a walnut lined up i'm sold! oh, and did i mention it has a kickstand? yes!

found via gizmodo.


curious finds.

so whilst perusing through the curiosity shop - i came across these quaint trinkets which i'm adding to my wish-list. so many wonderful items, so little time!

1. slingshot pencil $9, 2. ceramic camera $60, 3. quail patch kit $9  
4. porcelain coffee cup $19, 5. wood yo-yo $35, 6. "spot color" poster $30



i love vintage keys. so for the last two years i keep seeing these lovely porcelain keys floating around the internet... and i can never bring myself to purchase them... and yesterday, i walked into a local boutique, and there they were, beckoning me to purchase them. so i gave in, and decided i shall make lovely necklaces with them. they are from japan, and available for purchase online at the curiosity shop.

pale pink.

so i received an email from jcrew the other day, and squealed like a little girl at the delight that awaited. of course if i bought everything i'd have a black hole growing in my pocket... so i'm opting for posting my favorites. it's spring time, nearly summer, and i'm in love with romantic yet neutral hues, pinks, grays, and cream...

all images from the jcrew website.