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fabric flowers.

i absolutely adore fabric flowers, wether they be vintage or new! emersonmade has been a smash hit across the blogging community, and her adorable designs and lovely blog are beyond enchanting. she's a true entrepreneur who makes something beautiful and shares it with the rest of the world. i first started longing for more flowers in my life after i saw the jcrew catalog image for last spring's line... and went on a mission to acquire my own. since then, i've made a headband, collected vintage european millinery flowers, and dabbled in sewing up my own armanda of roses. for those of you who are as determined as i to nab your own, without breaking the bank; i recommend these tutorials: 1000 layer cake, and martha stewart. for my headband below, i purchased a american apparel shiny headband for $4.50, and sewed on my flowers.

emersonmade's lovely founder on a bed of fabric flowers.

my successful attempt at a fabric dahlia headband.