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faryl robin.

so, as you will come to find out about me - i am a shoe addict. plain and simple. i love shoes; and for the last two years i've been eyeing a pair of faryl robin's - and amazingly, they were still there, on sale at a price i couldn't deny. i decided to do some more research about the brand. their branding is lovely, from little robins on their box, as well as the paper your shoes come wrapped in. i love that their sizes are true to size, and comfortable. the most important key is the lovely colors, leathers, and designs they carry. they are a bit on the pricey side, so if you can score some like i did (at 60% off) - don't hesitate!
my new shoes! perfect for spring / summer.

styles available at faryl robin, zappos, and amazon.


TheNest said...

Happy to hear you love our shoes and branding! Follow @Farylrobin on Twitter! Thanks!