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kathleen hoelck.

fashion designer kathleen hoelck

when i first met kathleen hoelck (or katty), she stood out immediately. her creativity and kindness are contagious. she's definitely on the top ten of the most intelligent and driven women i know. she's always ready for adventures, and pursing projects, "hey katty want to act in my film?", "hey katty, want to model for my jewelry line?"... "of course!" she's always up for assisting those who have a passion for art. i was saddened when she took flight and left san diego, but so excited for the life ahead for her in new york city. katty has been designing clothing since i first met her. her style has evolved, yet she remains versatile. her designs are classic, modern, bold, sometimes channeling vintage starlets, other times straight out of bauhaus. i'm very excited to see her break into the fashion world, as she's already received recognition from vogue, appeared in several blog sites, and interned at yves saint laurent. she and her significant other have plans to start their own line of clothing; don't be surprised if you find yourself yearning after their fantastic creations.

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