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nature + the apple ipad.

so aesthetically speaking, at first glimpse i did not like the apple ipad. i'm sick of the huge black bezel surrounding all new apple products. personally, i feel that black accents on computers is a step back into the 90's. however, i can appreciate the amazing power and performance that the ipad offers. when people complain "it doesn't have a camera... it can't multitask," i feel they are missing the point. apple has finally given it's audience a portable reader that will devour the kindle and nook. a gaming system and movie player that makes me croon... you should have seen the portable dvd player i lugged around in 2001! well, all that being said; a must for my future ipad is a wood cover. vers is in offers a wood ipad cover made out of bamboo - if they have a walnut lined up i'm sold! oh, and did i mention it has a kickstand? yes!

found via gizmodo.