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notes on dressing your man.

i've always loved dressing people up, or assisting in fashion choices. for the most part, the only time i get to play dress up nowadays is when i shop for myself, play on polyvore, or get gifts for my robot. he's grown into his own style, but i can't help but influence him. he's dreaming of wearing only prada and g-star clothing - but financially that's a no can do for us at the moment. so i try my best to acquire fashionable frugalista finds for my dear metrosexual. this week was pretty fruitful indeed:

1. forever 21 beard shirt $14.00; 2. liberty london for target tie $8.00; 
3. target button shirt $8.00; 4. ben sherman shorts (on sale) $20.00; 
5. lacoste shoes $28.00 (on sale); 6. apple ipad
7. ben sherman shoes $38.00 (on sale); 
8. forever 21 jeans $29.00

two outfits for approximately: $145.00
(not including ipad)


Katty said...

well aren't you two soooo cutesiee

Julie said...

A handsome even MORE gorgeous! This is good stuff! :-)

GA+E said...

my man got a liberty of london tie!

Hey, I saw your bee ring on aroung the way girl's blog, but not on your etsy site. did I miss it?

Q said...

@ GA+E
someone just ordered it the other day and i was getting around to re-listing it this weekend :)
thanks for asking! it will be up tomorrow

i love your blog by the way!
my boyfriend and i both do design & photography and i think it's great you have a collaborative blog.