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paulette is a lovely macaron shop nestled in beverly hills. sounds haughty? not really - it's perfection. i've been searching for delectable macarons in san diego, which is not insanely easy to come by. i guess my visits to paris spoiled me a bit.  browsing through the inter-webs i came upon the shop - and what's this, they ship? they have a plethora of flavors, including: caramel, Caribbean chocolate, passion fruit, colombian coffee (so addictive!), lemon, and earl grey tea. i couldn't help myself and ordered a box with all of their flavors, and invited some friends over for tea and a movie. by the end of the night they were all gone, and i'm sure i'll order more someday. i also tried to visit the shop, but it was just past 6pm, and they were closed (sadface). if you are in the area do not miss the chance to stop by and try a macaron.


Cara Martinez said...

the ones you brought back from paris were amazing... so I'll trust your judgment on these.

Q said...

you should tell john to order you a box! - make sure you get six of the coffee... that one is the best. hands down. chocolate is sad and crying in the corner compared to that one. ;)