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puerto vallarta.

well, i've neglected the blog a bit because i decided to escape from school, responsibilities, and my etsy shop for a week and some... to puerto vallarta. i have family in guadalajara, and we met up with some of them in this beach town to catch up. it's been funny seeing mr.robot struggle to speak or understand spanish, and i'm not really a good teacher (no patience). but he's managed pretty well! today is our last day and we've had a blast mingling, snorkeling, and taking in the sun. it's very sad to see how much worst the situation with the economy has panned out in mexico. many places that used to be bustling businesses are now closed. the beaches aren't packed like they used to be. i urge you all to try to visit and take advantage of the fact that the "peso" is very low. it used to be one u.s. dollar = ten pesos, now its thirteen. you won't get swine flu, or anything crazy like that. mexico is a beautiful country filled with so much culture.

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