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my birthday party was a success! thank you to everyone who attended. we held my 24th birthday celebration at the pearl hotel, in point loma / san diego. the venue was perfect for the theme. i've always been a fan of quirky movies, and i find myself celebrating my birthdays to movie themes (last year was divorce italian style)... so this year wasn't any different with the life aquatic with steve zissou. the location embraces mid-century to the fullest, and is already ocean themed, with a huge movie screen over the pool. just add pennant flags, sea-creature cupcakes, and guests, and you've got yourself one fine event. the dress i'm wearing was made by my dear and lovely friend jennafer grace. it's super soft jersey material, custom, and affordable ($90). if you're having something made, it better be flattering and comfortable. 

seth and i holding my birthday balloons at the end of the night. 
i suppose he's making that face because he just wants to go to sleep!

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preview: 24th birthday / event

this year i've decided to have my party at the pearl hotel in point loma. the hotel has amazing mid-century design, a pool, fun menu, and overall lovely atmosphere. what better theme to suit the location, and season, than a tribute to "the life aquatic: with steve zissou?" the event is two weeks in the making, getting all the details set, and everything coordinated. i'm hoping for a good turn-out and fun night. i designed the cake, all white, with a little shark fin and waves up-top, cupcakes with blue-frosting and little sea creatures... each table has yellow flowers, shark/dolphin/whale toys and gum-drops. and of course there will be macarons, white beach balls, and white pennant flags stringed across the sky. the film will be playing on non-stop rotation with subtitles, and burgers, drinks, and snacks will be enjoyed poolside. i had a dress by made my friend, local clothing designer Jennafer Grace. i'm excited for thursday!

dress by Jennafer Grace, sweater Jcrew, shoes by lamb, nailpolish - butter london.


north-western roadtrip.

during the end of june, beginning of july - seth and i set out for a massive undertaking in the limited time of: one week. in the time we were able to drive from san diego, california - all the way to seattle, washington. stopping at several spots in-between (sacramento, portland, san francisco, etc). we stayed at some pretty wonderful places, met some lovely places, visited some quirky spots, and enjoyed some pretty delectable food. i'm still working on the video of our trip but i promise it will worth watching. here are some photos in the meantime:

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local fashion: san diego.

all photography by Q

in the last few months i've had the wonderful luck of becoming friends with two talented ladies, Michelle Aquino - designer and owner of M. Dot, and Jennafer Carter - designer and owner of Jennafer Grace. both of these designers have taken San Diego by storm with their fashion forward designs, custom tailored, and financially within reach. both channel vintage, and i was brought on to do a photo-shoot. the photographs were taken by yours truly, at my residence. here is a sneak peak at our final product:

outfit by Jennafer Grace

outfit by M. Dot

outfit by Jennafer Grace

outfit by M. Dot