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preview: 24th birthday / event

this year i've decided to have my party at the pearl hotel in point loma. the hotel has amazing mid-century design, a pool, fun menu, and overall lovely atmosphere. what better theme to suit the location, and season, than a tribute to "the life aquatic: with steve zissou?" the event is two weeks in the making, getting all the details set, and everything coordinated. i'm hoping for a good turn-out and fun night. i designed the cake, all white, with a little shark fin and waves up-top, cupcakes with blue-frosting and little sea creatures... each table has yellow flowers, shark/dolphin/whale toys and gum-drops. and of course there will be macarons, white beach balls, and white pennant flags stringed across the sky. the film will be playing on non-stop rotation with subtitles, and burgers, drinks, and snacks will be enjoyed poolside. i had a dress by made my friend, local clothing designer Jennafer Grace. i'm excited for thursday!

dress by Jennafer Grace, sweater Jcrew, shoes by lamb, nailpolish - butter london.