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margot tenenbaum.

for halloween this year i decided to go as one of my favorite wes anderson characters: margot (from the royal tenenbaums). most of my costume was composed of vintage accessories. there are several interesting tidbits about the characters costume, such as: the cigarettes she has is from ireland, circa 1970 and have been discontinued. she has a wooden finger on her right hand, ring finger. she is wearing a mink coat (i purchased mine off of ebay, and it's fake fur). it was actually quite hard to find a similar dress to the one she wears at this time of year, so i bought two mens polo's and sewed them together to form a dress (i'll go into details later). the barrette is red, so i opted for a little bow from forever21. she wore white socks, and oxfords. mine are not shown, but i purchased some from urban outfitters. the cigarette was a fake one (i'm not one for smoking), and the "wooden finger" i made with a paper towel, tape, and acrylic paint. the purse in the film is a beautiful hermes birkin (i believe 40cm), but since my budget isn't ten grand - i just used a vintage crocodile purse i had in my closet. bought a wig, threw on tons of heavy eyeliner and all in all i think my outfit turned out pretty well! all i need now is to really practice that depressed frown laced with despair she pulls off so well. hopefully next year i'll persuade my significant other to be richie, and we can be secretly in love with each other.

the original, played by gwyneth paltrow. 

my rendition (iphone photo, hence the not so amazing quality).

and one of my favorite polyvore sets in honor of margot, by alliecoco


Cara Martinez said...

haha so amazing! <3