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trimming & decorating.

well, it's only ten days away. and i've been busy trimming and decorating all around the house. i have all of my ingredients in order and will start making cookies for the neighbors this upcoming week. i'll be taking better photos later, but i thought i'd share a sneak peak into my living room...

finally got around to wrapping some presents...

cookies & warm milk make for great winter evenings.

glittered these ikea dear to match my tree.

bought some kate spade socks to keep my feet warm!

glittered some more deer; note: i have a glittering problem.

added vintage door-nob decor around the house.

and finally, trimmed my tree. vintage & color is this years theme.


kate spade: spring 2011

so i'm very much smitten with kate spade's spring collection. i've vowed to save up for all of the pieces i can't live without. this year the theme is "the year of color" every month representing a different color. i'm pretty sure i'll be penniless by the end of 2011.


golden morsels.

edible golden spray-paint = brilliant. in more ways than one. i know have an uncontrollable urge to spray an entire meal. or at least a couple of holiday desserts coming up.

found via igobykatie


reader discount!

as a thank you to whomever stumbles upon this blog and enjoys it, i wanted to extend a special discount your way on my etsy shop! visit the POSTCARDS+LOVE online store use the discount code on the below coupon at checkout. the 15% will be applied to your entire purchase. custom orders are available! feel free to contact me via etsy with any special requests. offer expires 12/15/10.

happy holidays!



i've been terribly in love with the color red lately. a deep garnet hue. with the holidays upon us i can't help but listen to christmas songs, and wear my little jingle ring (pictured below). i was listening to a few songs from the nutcracker and was inspired to put together this little outfit. i want to prance around the house in a tutu and deck my halls with all things red.

no.1 kate spade lever-back earrings, no.2 bcbg tutuno.3 butter london / chancer
no.4 vera wang flatsno.5 kate spade lipstick, no.6 kate spade jingle ring
no.7 kate spade pom pom scarf